About Art Heir Model Making

Our company has witnessed two eras over the course of it’s history: The period of craftsman, from 1965 to the late 1980’s, and the modern era which began from the early 1990’s.

The former was defined by our expert model makers, using limited resources where every single piece of model was handcrafted to achieve the finest details. Our final models were true works of art requiring artistic talent and skilled handcraft.

In the modern era, mass production surfaced and so did advanced technologies. We embraced technology and took advantage of computers, lasers, and specialized software; pioneering the modern model making industry in the region.

Our model builders are chosen from among the best talents in the business. Our talents possess a sense of scale, ability to visualize in three dimensions, a knack to use the best materials, passion for intricate details, and ability to balance all factors.

We are the leaders in this industry where our humble beginnings from complex manual labor to using the convenience of modern technology provide our clients the superlatives in model making.

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